Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, offers the perfect opportunity to express heartfelt emotions in unique and memorable ways. Amidst the plethora of gifting options, singing telegrams stand out as a timeless and enchanting choice. Moon River Opera in Savannah, GA, invites you to delve into the history and captivating world of singing telegrams, a gesture that adds a melodious touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The History of Singing Telegrams:

The concept of singing telegrams dates back to 1933, introduced by the Western Union Telegraph Company as a novel means to deliver messages with a personal touch. Initially meant as a humorous and entertaining alternative to standard telegrams, singing telegrams quickly gained popularity for occasions requiring a special gesture of love, congratulations, or sympathy. Despite the advent of modern communication methods, singing telegrams have preserved their charm, evolving into a sought-after service for making celebrations unforgettable.

Valentine’s Day and Singing Telegrams: A Perfect Harmony:

Valentine’s Day, with its rich history of expressing love through poems, letters, and gifts, finds a perfect match in singing telegrams. This service blends the art of music with personal messages, creating an emotionally impactful experience. Whether it’s a classic love song, a favorite tune, or a customized melody, singing telegrams cater to all tastes, making them a versatile and personalized gift option.

Why Choose a Singing Telegram?

Unforgettable Experience: Unlike traditional gifts, a singing telegram creates a memorable moment that the recipient is likely to cherish for years to come.

Personal Touch: Singing telegrams are customizable, allowing you to convey your message in a way that truly reflects your feelings and relationship.

Versatility: Whether your Valentine prefers opera, pop, jazz, or classical music, singing telegrams can be tailored to suit their musical tastes.

Surprise Element: The unexpected arrival of a performer to deliver your message adds an element of surprise and delight, enhancing the emotional impact of your gesture.

Entertaining Facts About Singing Telegrams:

  • The first singing telegram was reportedly delivered on July 28, 1933, to singer Rudy Vallee on his birthday, marking the beginning of a new era in message delivery.
  • Singing telegrams have been used by celebrities and common folks alike to send messages of love, congratulations, and even apologies.
  • In the digital age, singing telegrams have adapted to include virtual performances, allowing for heartfelt messages to be delivered across distances.

Moon River Opera’s Special Touch:

At Moon River Opera in Savannah, GA, we specialize in creating bespoke singing telegram experiences that resonate with the soulful and historic ambiance of our city. Our talented performers, drawn from the rich local opera scene, bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Valentine’s Day message. Whether it’s a serenade under the moonlit sky of Savannah or a heartfelt performance delivered to your loved one’s doorstep, Moon River Opera ensures a Valentine’s Day filled with music, love, and unforgettable memories.

Singing telegrams offer a unique and deeply personal way to express your love on Valentine’s Day. The rich history, combined with the ability to tailor messages through song, makes them an enduring symbol of affection and thoughtfulness. This Valentine’s Day, let Moon River Opera in Savannah, GA, help you convey your deepest emotions through the power of music, creating a moment that your Valentine will treasure forever.


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