Opera with Masks!

It’s October, a.k.a. the month of spooky, and we can all agree that October 2020 is especially haunting; have you heard that there’s going to be a full moon on Halloween, which hasn’t occurred since 1936? Can’t wait to see what happens with that. Possible impending doom aside, this listicle is brought to you by Moon River Opera Company in … Read More

History of Opera

This will be the first in a series of Opera related topics written by people who know nothing about Opera! We hope you find this as interesting and entertaining as we do. Opera History written by Jacalyn Kay I’ll be the first to tell you—and friends will agree—I know nothing about opera. The depiction of opera from The Phantom of … Read More

Top 10 Spookiest Operas 

by: Lydia Eiche Alright, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where we dress up in crazy costumes, shriek at the top of our lungs, and reenact grisly murders… Oh! You thought I meant Halloween? I guess that works too, but I was actually referring to the Opera! Who doesn’t love watching sopranos die … Read More

Madison Square in Savannah is Haunted

Madison Square, on Bull Street, looks just like any other square in Savannah, however this one…..feels different.  You may catch a glimpse of a shadow out of the corner of your eye or feel a presence staring at you from the empty windows of the grand homes lining the streets. Perhaps a chill will suddenly pass by on an otherwise … Read More

Opera Word of the Week ( #2)

Photo by Tommaso Cocon |https://www.flickr.com/photos/131139161@N03/28564892380

Let’s put some Commedia in your arte and learn some history! Elizabeth Cadman Cadman Kasay Director of Events, MRO For this week’s Opera WOW, we will look at the operatic term, “ Commedia dell’arte”. Commedia dell’arte was an Italian theatrical style that was based on “stock-characters” and was largely unscripted and was popular in Europe from the 16th to 18th … Read More

Opera Debunked: Part 1

Opera can be fun

“You’re Not Welcome”   Here’s why you- yes, you, the person reading this, are personally invited to any opera performance you’d like. Brenna Dudley Artistic Director, MRO   When we were first kicking around ideas for how to #makeoperafunagain we realized that we probably weren’t the best people to be making that call. Having degrees in and careers devoted to opera … Read More

Opera Word of the Week: Opera

Opera Word of the Week| Opera | Moon River Opera

Brand new blog, brand new vocab. Elizabeth Cadman Cadman Kasay Director of Events, MRO Welcome to Moon River Opera’s (the Opera in Savannah) newest blog, Opera WOW. In this blog we will discuss opera words and how they relate to the world of opera, giving a new word of the week. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Our … Read More