Making Opera Fun Again!

Moon River Opera

Moon River Opera in Savannah, GA has a mission of making opera fun again!

Opera didn’t used to be boring. Now we know we’ve already lost most of you, since opera tends to divide people into two groups  – those who like opera and those who don’t –  with very little room in the middle for the opera-curious. We’re sure those of you who like opera are offended by the very idea of opera being called boring. “But,” we can hear you cry through the vast, open space of the internet, “what about the timeless characters, the lush harmonies, the drama of it all?” And the “opera-antis” are just as loud. “But the expense! The incomprehensibility! The absurdity of it all!”

And you’re right, no matter which view you side with – the operatic world is an absolute study in contradictions. It’s a beautiful glimpse into the very heart of humanity that seems to have never met a human being. It’s a universal language that still manages to be completely incomprehensible. It’s timeless and yet very much of its time.


At Moon River Opera in Savannah, we believe in creating a space in this beloved/hated art form for the anti-opera, the opera-curious, and the devotee to explore these contradictions. It’s time for one more contradiction – to move opera forward by moving it back. Pushing back the dusty, velvet curtain of opera’s ostentatious past reveals a world full of life and vibrancy. A world where audiences drank and laughed and ate from comfortable seats in well-lit theatres during performances. A world where the performers onstage were accessible to the audience, not just as a special treat for patrons at the gala, but before, after, and (shockingly!) during performances. A world where opera was fun.

We say, let’s bring back the fun to opera in Savannah! We’ll sing about champagne while actually drinking it! It’s time to bring the audience out of the dark hush (figurative and literal) that they’ve been stuck in for centuries! Let’s make opera the celebration of the human condition, all its contradictions a reflection of the contradictions found in each and every one of us, it was always meant to be!

Come join us in making opera fun again!

Improv Opera V

Improv Opera V is Moon River Opera’s anniversary performance of our flagship production! For five years, we’ve brought laughter, music, and more laughter to Savannah via this audience-participatory mashup of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and a traditional opera recital. Bring your whole family, picnic baskets, and blankets, and celebrate with this crowd-favorite performance!

Auditions are open!

Moon River Opera is currently seeking energetic, outgoing, and talented performers for our upcoming production of Improv Opera V! 
Improv Opera V is Moon River Opera’s anniversary performance of our flagship production! For five years, we’ve been bringing laughter, music, and education to the city of Savannah through this one of a kind performance. A combination of a traditional recital and audience-participatory elements, Improv Opera has proven to be a favorite of both our performers and our audience.  All voice types are equally welcome!  Singers from the region especially welcome.

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