Our Mission

Our Mission

At Moon River Opera, our mission is to make opera fun again for both our audience and our singers.

For Our Audience

Making opera fun again for our audience means:

  1. Crafting performances that are fun, enjoyable, and innovative for the opera novice, opera curious, and opera devotee alike.
  2. Bringing more classical music to Savannah, GA – a city so historic, beautiful, and rich with the arts that it’s just begging for more.
  3. Making opera accessible to those who might not normally have access to it by keeping prices low and bringing performances to a wide variety of locations throughout the city and beyond. 
  4. Designing our seasons around different types of performances- from traditional works in the operatic cannon to brand new productions like improv opera- and performances requested by the community.

For Our Artists

Making opera fun again for our artists means:

  1. Creating a network for performing artists of all kinds to interact.
  2. Creating performance opportunities for singers at all points in their professional careers, be they just entering, re-entering, or well seasoned in the professional sphere.
  3. Creating much needed performance opportunities for the incredible array of classical singers here in Savannah, GA.
  4. Creating performances that are just as fun for our artists to be a part of as they are for our community to attend.