About Us

Moon River Opera, based in Savannah, Georgia, is a pioneering opera company dedicated to redefining the traditional opera experience with the mission to “Make Opera Fun Again.” Established with the vision of bringing innovation and accessibility to the world of opera, Moon River Opera seeks to attract both new audiences and seasoned opera enthusiasts by offering a unique blend of classical artistry and modern entertainment.


Located in the heart of Savannah, a city known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, Moon River Opera leverages the local charm and artistic spirit to create immersive and engaging performances. The company specializes in producing shows that are not only musically and vocally compelling but also visually stunning and narratively captivating. By incorporating contemporary themes, interactive stagecraft, and unconventional venues, Moon River Opera aims to break down the barriers of perception surrounding opera as inaccessible or solemn.


Moon River Opera’s repertoire ranges from refreshing takes on classic operas to the promotion of new works by emerging composers and artists, emphasizing diversity in casting and creative teams. This approach has enabled the company to cultivate a loyal following while expanding the opera audience base in Savannah and beyond.


The company’s commitment to community engagement is evident through its educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives designed to inspire the next generation of performers and opera lovers. Moon River Opera not only contributes to the cultural enrichment of Savannah but also plays a crucial role in the revitalization of opera as a relevant, enjoyable, and innovative art form.